Inclusive Employment Program

Our Founder

Penny Greyhosky - President
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We are a licensed 2380 training facility for adults with disabilities. Our program is available to individuals ages 18 and older.

Our mission at the Inclusive Employment Program is to promote sustainable employment within oneʼs community for adults with disabilities.

Our philosophy at the Inclusive Employment Program (I.E.P.) is to allow adults with disabilities to choose a career within their community that appeals to their interest. They should be afforded the opportunity to be successfully employed and socially interact with people without disabilities. We believe the inclusive employment opportunities will develop independence and self-worth in the adults with disabilities, as well as, aid in disability awareness, eliminate discrimination and segregation within the community.


The Inclusive Employment Program provides a variety of services to the client.

Supported Employment

Supported employment is an evidence-based approach that assists adults with disabilities to participate in the competitive labor force, helps them find worthwhile jobs, and provides ongoing support from a community inclusion coach.

About Us

The Inclusive Employment Program offers services and support to a population of individuals that truly desires to work in their community and socially engage with people without disabilities.